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REDEMPTION’S ROAD – stories along the journey

 Redemption’s Road is a ministry of The Barnabas Center, a Christian Counseling Center that believes that God uses our struggles for our redemption.

 Redemption’s Road, therefore, is a blog for people seeking redemption.  The writers who post here will be sharing stories about their own search – what they’ve found – what they haven’t.  Each entry will be written from some place along the journey.  Some, written after many struggling miles, will describe the surprising fruits of redemption found along the way.  Others, written somewhere in the middle,  will be asking if redemption is even possible…Some posts will be sad, some will be funny, and others will be tragic.  Some will find God’s redemption in the ordinary, and others will find it in the extraordinary. But the basic question will be the same: Can God remake something of our lives?

 We hope you will be able to relate to, sing with, and cry over these stories and essays.  Our hope is that as you read, you will be encouraged that redemption is both real and active. Regardless of where you are along the way, we hope your faith will be rekindled and strengthened.  And perhaps together we can become another community of people who tell the story of ‘beauty rising from ashes’ and ‘new life rising from death’.

 Our plan is to update the blog at least once a week. We aren’t accepting submissions at this time, but comments are enthusiastically welcome.

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